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Accomplishments and Highlights

While much work remains to be done to complete development at the Business Park , many accomplishments have been obtained and are anticipated, obviously working with local, state, federal, and private sector partners.  Here are some highlights of accomplishments thus far:

Construction and Installation of Public Infrastructure

  • Utilizing $2,000,000 invested by Fayette County to leverage an additional $5,000,000 in other local, state, and federal sources.
  • Installation of all public utilities underground water, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, electric, gas, phone, and cable.
  • Construction of initial interior roads Wayland Smith Drive , Jacob Murphy Lane , and Mary Higgins Lane
  • Other traffic improvements including intersection improvements and installation of traffic lights along Route 40 and New Salem Road

Private Investment and Development

  • Over $10 million invested by current tenants (professional offices, Super 8 Motel, and Superior Ford)
  • Over $50 million currently being invested by retail land developers
  • Total number of current jobs created or retained:  272
  • Total number of jobs anticipated to be created or retained upon Full Build-Out:  1,772

Increased Land Values and Taxes

  • Previous Land Values And Taxes = $0
  • Current Land Values = Over $11 Million
  • Current Property Taxes = $180,661.48 
  • Projected Land Values at Full Build-Out = Over $100 million
  • Projected Property Taxes at Full Build-Out = $1.75 million annually ($220,000 annually for Fayette County
  • Projected State Sales and Income Taxes for Retail Developments at Full Build-Out = $4,457,016




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